Transtelephonic Monitoring for Pacemakers & ICD's

Transtelephonic monitors are very small electronic devices that work in conjunction with a pacemaker or ICD. They transmit the heart ryhthm of a patient live over the phone in contrast to event monitors that save a recording of ryhthms for latter playback with Dr. Gallik. With a transtelephonic monitor patients can schedule routine checks in the comfort of their own home right over the phone, but can also be used in case of episodes of unusual cardiac activity. If you are feeling dizzy, have shortness of breath, or a rapid heartbeat these maybe signs to have your heart ryhthm monitered.

Types of Transtelephonic monitors

There are two types of monitors:

The first type uses an internal memory, so it is able to record your cardiac rhythms by placing the device over your heart and pressing a button to turn it on. In some cases a monitor may be placed at the bedside, retrieve information from the device and send it to Dr. Gallik’s office via internet to a secure site for the clinic. Because it has a memory this type of monitor saves the data and can retrieved by Dr. Gallik or her medical assistant at a later time. In case of an abnormal finding indicating a problem with the device, Dr. Gallik will be notified immediately.

The second type of monitor does not have a memory. This transtelephonic monitor is used by placing it over your heart and then the mouthpiece of the telephone is placed over the monitor, and the patient pushes a button to activate it. The recording is then received by Dr. Gallik's office where they can read and evaluate the report. The medical assistant will be available to guide you in the recording of this transmission and review your data with you as it is received.

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